Young scientists and scientists are creators of the Third Renaissance

Today, a session of the academic council awarding scientific degrees was held at the Uzbekistan International Islamic Academy. The young researchers of the Academy defended their dissertations.

In particular, Umida Sanokulova's dissertation on "Linguistic Bases of the Philosophical Doctrine of Adolescent Education in Abu Hamid al-Ghazali's 'The Revival of the Religious Sciences'" in the field of philology was approved for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Following that, Maftuna Muminova's dissertation on "The Axiological Interpretation of the Master-Apprentice Relationship in Alisher Navoi's Literary Legacy" in philology did not receive the approval for the PhD degree.

Muminova emphasized the importance of resolving the issue of the Master-Apprentice relationship in the context of axiological interpretation within Alisher Navoi's literary legacy.

During heated debates and discussions, experts noted the deep academic achievements of the researchers in their dissertations. The information presented in the dissertations was acknowledged to be extensive, precise, and based on concrete facts.

Ultimately, the dissertations submitted by the researchers were unanimously approved for the doctoral degree (PhD) qualification at the Uzbekistan International Islamic Academy.

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