Foreign Students

About the foreign students of the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan and opportunities created for them

In the 2023-2024 academic year, 42 foreign citizens are studying at the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan. 9 of them are first-year, 4 second-year, 10 third-year and 10 fourth-year students of the Bachelor Programs. There are 9 students for Graduate Programs.

Among them, 4 are from Kazakhstan, 5 from Kyrgyzstan, 12 from Tajikistan, 9 from Afghanistan, 1 from Azerbaijan, 11 from Russia.

Until now, 14 foreign citizens (10 bachelors, 3 masters, 1 doctoral student) have graduated.

In order to work with foreign students, the Academy has established a Foreign Students Office, which helps in the adaptation of foreign citizens to study at the Academy, from drawing up their documents related to their arrival in Uzbekistan and registration for accommodation, as well as the educational process of foreign students and living in the Republic.

The conditions and opportunities created by the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan for all students are equally valid for foreign students.

Foreign students are always supported to get acquainted with the cultural traditions of Uzbekistan (organization of sightseeing trips, visits to museums and other places).

Foreign students actively participate in all spiritual and educational events organized at the Academy, as well as in the theater studio.


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