There is no progress without knowledge, no perfection without enlightenment

Today, it is becoming more and more important to promote the humanitarian ideals of our holy Islamic religion, to educate the growing youth in the spirit of healthy faith on the basis of the principle of enlightenment against ignorance.

Another discussion on this topic took place at the Academy today.

The rector of the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan Uygun Gafurov, director of the Center of Islamic Civilization in Uzbekistan Firdavs Halimov, director of the International Research Center of Imam Moturidi Jamoliddin Karimov, director of the International Research Center of Imam Bukhari Shovosil Ziyadov and Imam Termizi International Research Center were present at the meeting. Director of the center Muzaffarkhan Joniyev participated.

This event, which was organized in cooperation with the Committee on Religious Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was attended by deputy mayors of the Shaykhontohur district of Tashkent city, employees of the administration of the administration, mayors of the neighborhood, assistant mayors in the regions, activists of the neighborhood women and girls, youth leaders, prevention inspectors, was organized for medical workers, school principals and their deputies.

The campaign event is dedicated to revealing the nature of large-scale reforms and positive changes in the field of religion and education in the new Uzbekistan, as well as the importance of combating ignorance with enlightenment "Enlightenment against ignorance is the main began with the screening of a special film entitled "Our Goal".

At the end of the event, there was a presentation of literature published by the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan and research centers in the direction of studying the life and scientific heritage of our ancestors, refuting foreign ideas.

During the presentation, the participants got acquainted with the latest literature published in the field of religion and education in our country, and learned about sources that provide impartial and accurate information about Islam.

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