Foreign experience in the development of modern educational programs was discussed

As we reported earlier, the delegation led by the Director of the International Council of Muslim Societies, Khalid Khalifa al-Kaabi, is in our country.

During the visit, practical meetings in religious and educational institutions of our country and in international research centers are organized. Yesterday, the members of this delegation visited the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan and held a meeting with the leadership of the Academy.

Today vice-president of the international organization "Teachers Without Borders", Dr. Nasr Muhammad Arif, held a lecture for master degree students and young researchers at the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan.

The head of the Academy Uygun Gafurov, Vice-rector of Academic Affairs Zakirjon Roziyev, Head of the International Cooperation Bahodir Khojayev, translater Akbar Kazakbayev took part in the meeting.

At the discussion, Dr. Nasr Muhammad Arif spoke on the topic "The experience of the United Arab Emirates in preventing bigotry and radicalism".

During the conversation young researchers asked questions tha t interested them.

Dr. Nasr Muhammad Arif expressed his gratitude for high level of hospitality at the end.

The International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan

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